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Our Research

Research represents the backbone of our philosophy and practice. We are committed to quality academic research, pursuing innovation and building up the knowledge capacity in the region of South East Europe and beyond. The main aim of our research practice is to build up knowledge capacity internationally, with a specific focus on South East Europe (SEE) in line with the geographical location of CITY College. This is achieved through collaboration with institutes of excellence throughout the world and through the development of clear research policies and procedures. Through our research activities we try to make a positive contribution to the well-being of society.

CITY College carries out interdisciplinary research through its academic departments. Our research investigates current topics with the aim to expand our knowledge basis and to facilitate communication and collaboration with the society and industry in the wider South-East European area.  Research is organised around three broad areas:

  • Enterprise, Innovation and Development (SMEs and start-up companies people management, supply chain management, etc);
  • Information and Communication Technologies (cloud computing and applications, service oriented technologies, etc) and
  • Society and Human Development (health and social psychology, culture and politics; politics and economic development, etc).
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