Redesigning Library Rooms - CITY College, University of York Europe Campus
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Redesigning Library Rooms to expand student group and collaborative spaces

The Library redesigned and renewed some of its Study & Work Spaces!

Keep up-to-date with these new developments!

Redesigned Working Room

In our effort to accommodate the needs of our students to collaborate for their group projects and communicate while they work, the Library proceeded to the redesigning of the former Silent PC Room.

The new specialized Working Room offers to students the perfect place to gather with their project team or study group in a separate space where they can constructively work and collaborate without disturbing other students who are already reading at the openly available study spaces of the Library.

The Information and Learning Commons (ILC) - CITY College.

Standard supplies to support student collaborative work are available in the Working Room, including:

  • Flex-use tables of 4-6 seats
  • PCs
  • Printing Facilities
  • Scanner

Students can also bring their laptops and use the provided network connections.

The Information and Learning Commons (ILC) - CITY College

Large tables ensure that students have the appropriate amount of space to simultaneously use their laptop, multiple textbooks, and a notebook if needed, to accomplish their work.

Note that spaces in the Working Room are primary for groups and not for single student occupancy.

Spaces are non-bookable.


IT facilities in the Group Study Room

In order to ensure that the services and facilities in the Group Study Room meet student needs and to make it a more approachable and accessible place for study the room was additionally equipped with IT facilities including two PCs and a printer.

Students can still work with their personal laptops using the available plugs.

The Information and Learning Commons (ILC) - CITY College

The room is exclusively for groups of students and not for single student occupancy.

No prior booking is required to use the Group Study Room.


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