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Get answers to frequently asked library-related questions. You can also use our Chat Service and get a live answer from one of our library staff members.

If an answer to your query is not included in the list below or the chat service is offline, please send an email at library@york.citycollege.eu.



Library Services, Spaces & Facilities

Q. What are the library's opening hours?

Check regularly our library Opening Hours webpage for the latest changes and further details about running services.


Q.What are the latest library news and developments?

Need to find information on what is new in the library and work has been done to improve library facilities, spaces, services? Check our Library Redevelopment webpage.


Q. Where can I study in the Library?

The Library offers special designated areas & facilities to meet the different ways that students prefer to study and work while in the library. Please plan ahead to find a free study space and monitor the time you will spend in the working space. Be considerate of others and do not use the library as a socializing place.

Visit Our study spaces webpage to find out what is there for you.


Q. Do I have to book a study space with a PC?

No, bookings for computers are not required in the Library. You just need to plan ahead to find a free space with a PC, as there is a heavy use of computing facilities during the semester.


Q. Are the printers and scanners available?

Printers and scanners are available in the Silent PC Room and in the PCs Area of the library on a walk-in basis. Please wash and/or disinfect your hands before and after use.


Q. I need to study in expanded hours. Where can I do that?

If you wish to use a working facility opened in extended hours, you may go to our recently re-developed facility - The Green Reading Room.  The facility is fully equipped with individual study desks, working tables, PCs, a printer and a scanner.


Q. What are the operating hours of The Green Reading Room?

  • Monday to Friday: 08.30-21.45
  • Weekends: hours vary, depending on running courses during specific weekends. Users need to consult with the ground floor L. Sofou Secretariat for service hours.

Q. Can I store safely my personal belongings in the Library?

Lockers are available for those who wish to keep their personal belongings safe whilst in the Leontos Sofou building.

Library locker keys are issued from the library services desk on a daily basis and until closing time.


Q. Can I borrow equipment (such as headphones, pens, etc)?

A/V equipment and stationery are available at the Library Services Desk. Return of A/V equipment should be done 10 minutes before closing time.


Q. Does the library have a food and drink policy?

Food and drinks are not allowed; Bottled water is allowed. Remember that you need to throw away bottles and cups in the bins and keep desks clean.


Q. Are study spaces & facilities being cleaned?

Extra cleaning is in place, but you will be expected to clean any surface, study space, computer, or printer that you need to touch, before and after use, with the disinfectant supplies provided, and dispose of the used wipes in the nearby bins.


Library Resources (Print and Online)

Q. Can I browse material from the print collections?

Browse on the shelves our print collections, such as books, journals, and dissertations or use  the OpenABEKT Library Catalogue to find items you require for reading, to study or to complete an assignment. Once you locate the items on the shelves approach the Library Services Desk to proceed with borrowing.

Check our Borrow & Renew webpages to find relevant information and policies.

If not at the library, you can send an email at library@york.citycollege.eu with the details of the items you require and the library staff will collect for you and you can pick the items up later.


Q. Can I borrow items from reserve collections?

Reading materials such as textbooks, recommended readings, journal articles, etc) are being provided online wherever possible, but items from our print reserve collections are not available for borrowing.


Q. How do I access online resources?

We will continue to implement ways to further support online studying and learning and to provide as many of the resources students need as possible online.

Visit the Electronic Resources and Support webpages to find out what is there for you and how to access these resources whether on-campus or not.

If you require further help or wish to set an appointment for instructional purposes, please send an email to the library staff at library@york.citycollege.eu.

The library staff will be happy to arrange a tutorial design to meet your needs.


Q. Where do I find subject-related information to my studies?

If you are a York student browse the Subject Resources Guides to see the resources available to support your studies.

Consult the Resources & Support webpages, if you are a University of Sheffield student to see what kind of resources you should use when you are working and selecting material for your project, assignment, or dissertation.

You can also contact the library requesting reference and research assistance at anagnostopoulou@york.citycollege.eu.


Q. Is the Interlibrary Request Service available?

Yes, are resuming wider interlibrary loan services. The library will supply PDF copies of book chapters, journal articles, digitize print study pack wherever possible.

Please be prepared for longer waiting times, in particular for print items which have to be quarantined for 48 hours before we can issue them to you.

For further information, please visit the IRS webpages.


Help & Support

Q. Can I get help in the Library?

Staff is available during library opening hours. Please approach the Library Services Desk, whilst at the premises.

Send your question to the library Chat Tool “Quick Question” – and communicate with the library staff in real-time with instant messages (available, from Monday to Friday (12.00-15.00)

Contact us by phone at (+30) 2310 538560 (ext 143)

Or via email: library@york.citycollege.eu or anagnostopoulou@york.citycollege.eu


Q. Will there be support from IT Services?

IT help and support is available at the premises during the week. For technical or log in issues contact directly the Computing Support Services on the 7th floor or report your problem by email at support@york.citycollege.eu


The FAQs are being regularly added to and updated so you can get quick answers to your questions.



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