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The Neuroscience Research Centre (NEUREC) is located at City College in Thessaloniki, Greece. NEUREC brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers across the fields of Psychology, Neuroimaging, Computing & Engineering, Economics & Finance and Marketing to address current societal, financial and health challenges such as the aging population and mental health, efficient markets and financial investment, leadership and consumer’s behaviour.

NEUREC adopts a unique holistic approach to interdisciplinary research by combining neurophysiological, psychophysiological, behavioural and computational methods. Our ultimate goal is to improve well-being & health, organizational performance & productivity, by bridging the gap between research, education and industry to create innovative and resilient communities.

The world has witnessed in the last decade some of the most remarkable advances in the field of neuroscience, which have increased our understanding of the normal function of the brain and the biological mechanisms underlying brain disorders. However, knowledge in this domain remains fragmented and the ultimate goal of developing effective treatments for patients who suffer from brain disorders remains a difficult one. In the world of finance, similarly we know that traditional theories of finance have failed at explaining individual and market behaviour, and that to make real progress we need to investigate how the brain processes financial information and makes decisions.

NEUREC aims at creating synergies between researchers, clinicians & health practitioners, engineers, patients & caregivers communities, and stakeholders in the industry to produce novel insights and outcomes. Finally, it is part of the mission of Neurec to train and mentor young researchers to create a thriving Neuroscience research community in South East Europe, and strengthen long-term capacity in the region.

Director of NEUREC

Prof. Ana B. Vivas

Prof. Ana B. Vivas, Director of NEUREC


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