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What is an Academic Representative

An academic representative (Academic Rep) is an undergraduate or postgraduate student volunteer who represents students on a programme to their department; communicates class issues to CSU officers, participate to one Student Staff Committee meeting per semester, one senate meeting per semester with the Officers of the CSU, as well as to the biannual student course boards.

The recruitment of academic representatives is done every year during the 4th week of the winter semester and the position is held for an entire academic year.

All enrolled students are privileged to declare candidacy, unless they are on disciplinary probation.

Student Volunteers are encouraged to support an educational environment, represent the student body appropriately and should show good citizenship, both on and off campus. CSU and Academic Reps act as the students’ voice and requires a responsible attitude in order to make this voice productively transmitted and received.

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Certificates of Accreditation

We recognise the Academic Reps contribution and time! The Student Services Department will provide online certificates of accreditation for your time as an Academic Rep!


Become an Academic Rep / Academic Rep Role (PDF)

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