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Accommodation ServicesThe prospect of living abroad, perhaps for the first time and many miles from home, is exciting but naturally a little daunting too!

Our Department of Student Services and Alumni offers advice and guidance on all accommodation issues. Agood selection of private accommodation is available, provided that students apply in good time before the beginning of each academic year.

The Department of Student Services and Alumni maintains an up-to-date register of furnished or non - furnished accommodation in Thessaloniki. It also provides details of all suitable accommodation and tenancy agreements. You are free to find your own accommodation and there are no restrictions on the type of housing in which you may live, although it is suggested you live reasonably close to the College.

Need help with accommodation? Contact us at or at +30 2310 528534 (L. Sofou 3, ground floor).


Accommodation FAQs


How much do I have to spend per month for accommodation and living expenses?
There is a good selection of private accommodation available to students; therefore students can be sure that they will be able to secure an apartment before their course begins. Accommodation expenses in Thessaloniki vary according to the area, condition of flat, facilities, etc. Usually flats in the centre are old and more expensive than in other areas. Rents for non-furnished flats of one room, kitchen and bathroom, usually start from 250. Nevertheless, students usually share a flat, and in this case usually the cost for each student is around 150 euros. Other fixed expenses may amount up to 150-200 Euros per month, approximately - including electricity, heating, water and condominium charges (building maintenance). In total, as a result of students' calculations, the average cost of living for one month (including all regular expenses) is around 600 - 700 euros.

When should I come to find accommodation?
If you consider joining the Study Abroad programme during the fall semester you should secure your accommodation by end July. For Spring semester entry, please contact our Student Services at

How many days does the search for a flat last?
Usually it takes two to five days to find an apartment suitable to your needs.

Is it difficult to find accommodation near the campus?
CITY College’s premises are located in the centre of Thessaloniki, usually there is an adequate number of available flats both in the centre of the city and in areas around. However, since Thessaloniki is a popular student destination, you are advised to secure accommodation as soon as possible, if you wish to find accommodation near the campus. Flats situated in the city-centre are older and sometimes more expensive. Students though can have the advantage of the local transportation and get a lower cost accommodation situated in a small distance from the campus.

 Is there an adequate transportation to the campus?
Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and has a well-organised local transportation network. As CITY College’s premises are located in the heart of the city, they are all easily accessible via public buses. More on 'How to reach us' page.

How much money do I have to pay by signing the contract?
When you choose a flat the next step is to sign the contract. This includes the payment of a month’s rent plus the deposit (equal to one month’s rent) which will be returned to you from the owner when the contract expires and the flat is returned in a good condition. 

Who do I contact for accommodation issues?
You may send e-mail at .










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