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Reproduction Services

The ILC's reproduction services are offered in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Copyright Law. Explanatory notices are displayed in relevant working areas within the library premises. Each user personally, has to comply with the copyright law. Should ILC staff notice a user violating copyright restrictions, they can immediately stop process. For proper use please advice the Copyright policy guide.


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Color and black & white printers are available for use in the Silent PC Room and near the PCs Working Area. At the beginning of the Academic year, each student is granted a number of printing pages free of charge. When the entitlement is used up they must add new ones to their account, at the Library Services Desk. The cost is 0.03 cents per page.

Alumni, external members and day visitors may print by using a “public_user” account given from the Library Services Desk.

To avoid jams, DO NOT put the following paper in the ILC printers: Printing tips!
• Transparencies, labels & envelopes • Print on both sides of the paper.
• Cardstock or heavy paper • Read articles online and print only what you need.
• Photo, glossy or resume paper • Adjust font size and document margins to minimize pages used.
• Re-used paper • Shrink your document to “fit to page”



The ILC scanners can be used to convert printed graphics into electronic format for use in documents such as course work, dissertations, or presentations. The software available saves files in a wide range of bitmap formats. Apart from graphics, the scanners can be used to scan in text using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

It is necessary to book in advance to use the scanners. A member of the ILC staff is always available to provide help on the scanning facilities.

Remember to: Report jams and problems to the ILC Staff – do not try to fix it yourself!



The Library offers black and white photocopying facilities to all registered CITY College staff and students. A self-service machine, paper and staplers are available in the Photocopy Room.

External library members or day visitors can use the photocopying facilities upon payment.



The reproduction services are to be used for private study and research – not for commercial purposes! Each user is personally responsible for making fair use of reproduction services and for complying with copyright restrictions!


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