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Becoming a Member



Joining the ILC

How to become a member
The ILC’s conditions of admission and membership entitlement are stated in the Information & Learning Commons Regulations. For access to the electronic resources, prior registration with the Computing Support Services to obtain a username and password is required.

By joining the ILC, users are entitled to the following:

However, certain restrictions on the use of ILC resources and services apply for external users and visitors. You may find detailed information on the Information for visitors, web page.

All users must register and become members before using the ILC facilities and services for the first time. Membership forms, available at Library Services Desk, should be completed by each applicant, while any change of address or telephone must be notified at once.


Membership categories

CITY College students
All enrolled students are automatically registered when they complete an ILC membership application. With the use of their Student ID, they are able to borrow items from the ILC.

Off-campus students
As a CITY College student studying in another city, you can access the ILC's electronic resources and use all delivery library services. To access Unit resources, Intranet and email you need your personal account details provided by the Computing Support Services. Login details for electronic resources are sent to each student’s email account.

Extensions: Postgraduate students
If you are a postgraduate student on an extension please inform the Library Services Desk so we may extend your library privileges until you complete your dissertation. During the extension period you will be able to borrow items and use e-resources as normal. Upon completion of dissertation all privileges are automatically removed. Any pending issues should be immediately settled.

Research students
PhD students may register to use the ILC while studying and until they complete thesis writing up. Registration allows access to computing and library borrowing services as well as access to Interlibrary and Document Delivery Services. All research students have equal privileges regardless of studying location.

CITY College staff
All full or part-time staff members who are employed directly by CITY College are entitled to staff ILC membership and use of all IT services and facilities by registering at the Library Services Desk.

CITY College graduates
If you are a CITY graduate you can join the with no fee. This entitles you to borrow printed material and access the electronic resources within the premises of the ILC.
Further information can be found on the Information for alumni web page.

The Information & Learning Commons is open to the general public. To use the IT facilities, and borrow books, a registration or a valid membership is required. Community members may choose either to be Day Visitors either to become External Members.

Day visitors
Community members engaged in personal research, staff and students from other institutions and universities, can become Day Visitors and visit the ILC at no cost. If they are to visit the ILC more than once during the year they should register at the Library Services Desk by completing an Access registration form. Personal ID or Passport is necessary for a valid registration. Upon registration Day Visitors can:

  • Access the ILC’s collections for reference use.
  • Use the reproduction facilities.
  • Study in a comfortable and quiet environment.

Electronic resources are not available to Day Visitors.

External members
Any member of the community may join the ILC as an External Member by filling in a Membership registration form. A valid membership allows:

  • Access to all ILC’s collections for reference use.
  • Borrowing items from the Main Collections.
  • Access to computing, printing and photocopying facilities.


If you have any further questions on membership, please contact the Library Services Desk.


Borrow & Renew

Borrowing   |   Renewing   |   Help



All registered CITY College staff and students are automatically entitled to borrowing from the Information & Learning Commons collections. Studnets, upon registration given n an "Information Package" that explains in detail all borrowing regulations. Guides with all available services and resources are also included in that package. If, for any reason, you do not hold such a package you may request a copy from the Library Services Desk. Borrowing is also open to other categories of users.

If you are not a member of the ILC, please see the Information for visitors Web page for further information.


How to borrow

  • You should take the items you wish to borrow, to the Library Services Desk.
  • The items will be issued to you and the date they are due for return will be stamped on the back of the item.

If an item you request is not on loan and still you cannot find it on the shelves, ask to fill in a missing item card available at the Library Services Desk.


Loan categories

ILC collections have various categories for loan which determine the length of time they may be borrowed and the fines charged for late return. Special rules apply for books that are Unit reserves (textbooks or recommended readings) or on heavy demand. When searching, OpenABEKT library catalogue, the loan category of each book is indicated in the item’s bibliographic record.

Standard loan

Items in this category:

  • are from the Main, Dissertations and A/V collections
  • are issued for 2-3 weeks
  • may be reserved
  • may be renewed, unless requested by another user
  • have white spine labels

Short loan

Items in this category:

  • are heavy in demand materials
  • are issued for a week
  • may be reserved
  • may not be renewed

Restricted loan

There are two types of Restricted Loan:

Reserve Collection items:

  • are for studying purposes only within the ILC premises
  • include all textbooks and recommended readings from Unit Syllabi
  • are denote by color dots on the spine of the books (yellow for textbooks – red for references)

Reference Collection items:

  • are for reference use within the ILC premises
  • include dictionaries, handbooks, guides, etc.
  • include print journals and conference proceedings & papers


Loan periods

Membership Group

Loan period

Undergraduate students

5 books for two weeks, 2 of which may be Fiction

Postgraduate students

6 books for two weeks, 2 of which may be Fiction

PhD students

5 books for a month


Academic staff

5 items for an academic semester


Alumni & External members


2 items for two weeks


Document Delivery Service

We provide a postal loan service for those students studying off-campus. For more information see our Document Delivery Service web page.



You can renew standard loan items using on of the following ways:

  • Approaching the Library Services Desk. 
  • Using the e-mail ( renewal service.
  • Making a telephone (+30 2310 538 560) renewal.

Items on loan may be renewed twice.

If a book has been reserved by another user or if you have outstanding fines you can not renew the loan.



If you have and queries about borrowing:


Returns, Reserves & Recalls

Returning   |   Reserving   |   Recalling   |   Overdue items   |   Replacement of items


Returning items

Due Date

The due date for returning your loans is stamped on the back of the items and presented to you when you borrow the items. After this date, the item becomes overdue and a fine will apply.

Where to Return

Books and other items on loan should be returned to the Library Services Desk during ILC working hours. Alternatively, items can be returned by post and should be accompanied by a note with your personal details. When am item on loan is returned it is then discharged from your ILC member record.

Do not return items you have borrowed to the shelves or leave them on reading tables in the ILC. They could be re-shelved without being removed from your member record.


Reserving items

How to reserve

To reserve items first check the OpenABEKT Online Library Catalogue to see if the item you request is part of the library collection. 

You can place a reservation:



  • Requests can be placed on standard and one week loan items.
  • There is a limit on how many requests you can place at one time (3 items maximum).
  • You will be notified by email when the request is available for you to collect.
  • When items arrive for collection, you have 2 days to collect
  • You must not have any overdue items.


Collecting the reserved items

Normally, you will be notified to collect a reserved item on loan in two weeks, the latest. However it could take much longer if:

  • There is a change in your contact details
  • The person who has the book does not return it promptly
  • You are in a queue because other people have reserved the same book
  • The item has been issued for the duration of the summer vacation

If you have heard nothing from us after two weeks, please contact the Library Services Desk.

If you no longer need an item which you have reserved, please let us know so that we can cancel your reservation.


Recalling items

All items borrowed from the ILC collections are subject to recall.

The due date is not guaranteed, because in order to share access to our resources, the ILC reserves the right to recall items if they are of heavy demand during a certain period (such as examinations). This may result in the due date being reduced.

Recalls for items are sent out the day after a hold is placed, so it is possible that you may have a reduced loan period. You will be notified by email or telephone to promptly return the recalled item.


Overdue items

Borrowed items should be returned to the library promptly as others may be waiting to use them. For this reason overdue email notices are sent out as a courtesy reminder that you have outstanding obligations. In case you need to extend the borrowing period you may always use the renewal service provided the item on loan is not in the meantime requested by another user.

Anyone who has overdue items:

  • Is suspended from his/her borrowing privileges.
  • May not use the computing facilities.
  • May not use the Interlibrary Request and Document Delivery Services.

To have ILC privileges reinstated, overdue must be settled.


Replacement of items

  • If an item on loan is lost, stolen or damaged you must pay the replacement cost.
  • In case of loss, the ILC accepts replacement copies purchased by the user.
  • If an item is subsequently found and returned to the ILC, the replacement cost is refunded






Email Notification

The Information & Learning Commons (ILC) uses email as the official communication tool, to send Library notices regarding loans and other services. It is important that you read your CITY College email regularly and we recommend as good practice, emptying your Inbox to avoid exceeding your email quota

Courtesy return date reminders

You will receive notification via your CITY College Email Account when:

  • Your loans are due back within 2 or 3 days
  • Items are recalled
  • Reservation requests awaiting pick up

Check the back of the items you borrowed to see the return date. If you know you won't be able to visit the ILC to return items on time, please contact the Library Services Desk to discuss your options.

Remember that an item on loan may be requested by someone else and this may change the borrowing period. We will send you an email (or call) to inform you about recalling and about the new return date.

Please note that ILC sends these notices as a courtesy only. It is still the borrower's responsibility to make sure that items are returned or renewed on time.

Overdue reminders

You will receive an overdue notice via your CITY College Email Account when:

  • Items are long overdue
  • You have been notified once and still items are outstanding



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