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Email Notification

The Information & Learning Commons (ILC) uses email as the official communication tool, to send Library notices regarding loans and other services. It is important that you read your CITY College email regularly and we recommend as good practice, emptying your Inbox to avoid exceeding your email quota

Courtesy return date reminders

You will receive notification via your CITY College Email Account when:

  • Your loans are due back within 2 or 3 days
  • Items are recalled
  • Reservation requests awaiting pick up

Check the back of the items you borrowed to see the return date. If you know you won't be able to visit the ILC to return items on time, please contact the Library Services Desk to discuss your options.

Remember that an item on loan may be requested by someone else and this may change the borrowing period. We will send you an email (or call) to inform you about recalling and about the new return date.

Please note that ILC sends these notices as a courtesy only. It is still the borrower's responsibility to make sure that items are returned or renewed on time.

Overdue reminders

You will receive an overdue notice via your CITY College Email Account when:

  • Items are long overdue
  • You have been notified once and still items are outstanding



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