Returns, Reserves & Recalls
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Returns, Reserves & Recalls

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Returning items

Due Date

The due date for returning your loans is stamped on the back of the items and presented to you when you borrow the items. After this date, the item becomes overdue and a fine will apply.

Where to Return

Books and other items on loan should be returned to the Library Services Desk during ILC working hours. Alternatively, items can be returned by post and should be accompanied by a note with your personal details. When am item on loan is returned it is then discharged from your ILC member record.

Do not return items you have borrowed to the shelves or leave them on reading tables in the ILC. They could be re-shelved without being removed from your member record.


Reserving items

How to reserve

To reserve items first check the OpenABEKT Online Library Catalogue to see if the item you request is part of the library collection. 

You can place a reservation:



  • Requests can be placed on standard and one week loan items.
  • There is a limit on how many requests you can place at one time (3 items maximum).
  • You will be notified by email when the request is available for you to collect.
  • When items arrive for collection, you have 2 days to collect
  • You must not have any overdue items.


Collecting the reserved items

Normally, you will be notified to collect a reserved item on loan in two weeks, the latest. However it could take much longer if:

  • There is a change in your contact details
  • The person who has the book does not return it promptly
  • You are in a queue because other people have reserved the same book
  • The item has been issued for the duration of the summer vacation

If you have heard nothing from us after two weeks, please contact the Library Services Desk.

If you no longer need an item which you have reserved, please let us know so that we can cancel your reservation.


Recalling items

All items borrowed from the ILC collections are subject to recall.

The due date is not guaranteed, because in order to share access to our resources, the ILC reserves the right to recall items if they are of heavy demand during a certain period (such as examinations). This may result in the due date being reduced.

Recalls for items are sent out the day after a hold is placed, so it is possible that you may have a reduced loan period. You will be notified by email or telephone to promptly return the recalled item.


Overdue items

Borrowed items should be returned to the library promptly as others may be waiting to use them. For this reason overdue email notices are sent out as a courtesy reminder that you have outstanding obligations. In case you need to extend the borrowing period you may always use the renewal service provided the item on loan is not in the meantime requested by another user.

Anyone who has overdue items:

  • Is suspended from his/her borrowing privileges.
  • May not use the computing facilities.
  • May not use the Interlibrary Request and Document Delivery Services.

To have ILC privileges reinstated, overdue must be settled.


Replacement of items

  • If an item on loan is lost, stolen or damaged you must pay the replacement cost.
  • In case of loss, the ILC accepts replacement copies purchased by the user.
  • If an item is subsequently found and returned to the ILC, the replacement cost is refunded






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