Library & IT Services: latest updates
Κολέγιο CITY College
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Library & IT Services: latest updates

Library updates

Use the "How to Set up Accounts to use Library Resources" guide to find essential information and instructions to use all the subject-related resources and online services for the benefit of your research and studies.


IT updates

How we offer IT support

Looking for computer Software to complete your course-works, assignments, projects or dissertation or have other computer-related queries and requests?

Your first point of contact should be our Computing Support Services.

  • Drop-in their office on the 7th floor of L. Sofou building or email them. If your email is urgent please indicate this in the subject header so they can prioritise it.
  • Having trouble with our IT account or lost your password, contact our IT Support Team.
  • Need more information, visit our Computing Support webpages.


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