Personal & Professional Development Webinar: Mentoring as a means to promote healthy leadership
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
17 March 2023

Personal & Professional Development Webinar: Mentoring as a means to promote healthy leadership

Tuesday, 28 March 2023


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Personal and Professional Development Seminars 2023 by CITY College's Humanities Department


Ms Tanya Livarda
EFL Teacher, Teacher trainer, Exams content creator, Oral examiner

Tanya Livarda (BA/MA in TESOL, DELTA, CELTA) is an EFL teacher, teacher trainer, exams content creator, and an oral examiner in Greece and abroad. She has attended and completed a plethora of courses delivered by universities in Greece and abroad. She is an avid supporter of lifelong learning. She has also presented at various conferences here and abroad and her articles can be found in magazines and academic journals. Her main research interests are teachers’ mentoring, teachers’ observation and feedback as well as the introduction of Social Emotional Learning in the classroom. Finally, she is a board member of TESOL Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece, a member of TESOL Greece, and of IATEFL.


About the webinar:
Mentoring is traditionally defined as a way for the most experienced practitioner to help the inexperienced one. However, according to Gardiner and Weisling (2020), mentoring is ‘complex and important work that can have a long-lasting impact on both parts’. This seminar is highly interactive and it is based on the theoretical background of mentoring and effective leadership. After that, we are going to reflect on who effective mentors and leaders are and how we can deal with the challenges that might appear in order to promote healthy and viable working environments.


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