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Industrial Advisory Board


The Industrial Advisory Board of the Business Administration and Economics Department at CITY College aims to facilitate communication and collaboration with the industry in the Balkan area, in order to meet our objective of developing high calibre graduates, well equipped to pursue successful careers.

The Board provides the department with information, insight and guidance on educational, professional and research issues, complementing the feedback the department receives from scientific societies, quality assurance agencies and students.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Board is to consider and evaluate the changing needs of the industry, propose action plans to meet the new challenges and support the achievement of the goals of the department.

The interaction with industry leaders will contribute towards ensuring the long-term success of the department.


Board Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Review the curriculum of undergraduate and graduate programmes.
  2. Identify the changing needs of the industry and their implications for educational institutions
  3. Effectively direct and advise on curriculum development.
  4. Build and maintain a positive image of the department in the Balkan region
  5. Assist staff members to focus their research and advance opportunities for collaboration in research and knowledge transfer activities.


International Industrial Advisory Board
Business Administration and Economics Department
Executive Education Center





Savvakis Athanasios

Mr Athanassios Savvakis

President of Federation of Industries of Northern Greece


Ms Erasmia Papadopoulou Ms Erasmia Papadopoulou Management Consultant Member
Mr Kostas Psaroulis Mr Kostas Psaroulis Director of International Business FIBRAN SA Member
Tseimazidou Aimilia

Ms Aimilia Tseimazidou

CEO, ATTP Advertising SA


Kyriakos Loufakis Mr Kyriakos Loufakis President of Greek International Business Association Greece Member
Pance Kralev Mr Pance Kralev President of the Board of Directors, Makedonski Telekom, (DEUTZE TELEKOM) Skopje Member
Kyriakidis Tasos

Mr Tasos Kyriakidis

General Manager, Biozokat


Stergis Yannis

Mr Stergis Yannis



Emmanouil Vlahogiannis Mr Emmanouil Vlahogiannis Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki, Entrepreneur Member
Stefanos Oktapodas Mr Stefanos Oktapodas Chairman and CEO, Green Cola, Member of Board of Directors LARKO SA Member
Konstantinos Fragoyiannis Mr Konstantinos Fragoyiannis Group Business Development Director, CHIPITA Member
Lakassas Dimitris

Mr Dimitris Lakassas

President, Olympia Electronics



Miglena Ouzounova – Tsekova Ms Miglena Ouzounova – Tsekova Human Resources Division Director, Mobiltel (Vodafone Group), Bulgaria Member
Aigiptiadis Apostolos

Dr Theodoros Talaris

Managing Director, Euromedica Arogi


Aigiptiadis Apostolos

Dr Apostolos Aigyptiadis

Regional Manager, National Bank of Greece


  Ms Rumyana Trencheva Managing Director, SAP South East Europe Member
Megaklis Petmezas

Dr Megaklis Petmezas

Vice President, CITY College

Ex-officio member

Petros Kefalas Prof. Petros Kefalas Vice President, CITY College Ex-officio member
Nikos Tsorakidis

Dr Nikos Tsorakidis

Deputy Vice-President for External Engagement and Partnerships

Ex-officio member

George Efstathiadis

Mr George Efstathiadis

Director of the Executive Development Institute (EDI), CITY College

Ex-officio member



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