‘Open the eyes’ A project against cancer
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‘Open the eyes’ A project against cancer

"Open Your Eyes" was created by CITY College students Ms Vasiliki Salvari and Mr Nikolas Marwan Zawaher with the support of the SUNRISE Movement and is based on the belgian project "if only for a second" (Fondation mimi) which itself involved 20 cancer patients who have been fighting this dreadful illness for sometime. Members of the project approach cancer from another perspective and based on this idea they had the patients through a makeover by doing their hair and applying make-up. The entire procedure was the subject of the video and photo shooting (before and after and makeover).

The same project idea was implemented last Sunday 1st June by the "Open the eyes" project members and their wonderful team. The action was completed successfully and generated lots of positiveness, cooperation, solidarity and creativity, the exact four values which are promoted by the "open the eyes" project. The cancer patients as the centre of all the project's actions become the inspiration for further support actions.

Open the eyes project's shooting

Furthermore "Open your eyes" supports in practice the social solidarity of the Theagenio anti-cancer hospital in Thessaloniki.
If you wish to contribute to this cause which is part of the social solidarity "care" (νοιάζομαι) of the aforementioned hospital, please donate as much as you can. Donations can be done by bank deposit of any amount to the Pireaus Bank,
Account Nr. 5228-003063-410

Watch the 'Open your Eyes' video


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